Earth can expect new meteor attack


According to a member of the Committee for meteorites Russian Academy of Sciences Ural Federal University professor Victor Grochowski, Statistics meteor attack our planet for the past several hundred years, in this century the Earth could fall another two meteorite, similar in size to Chelyabinsk. Large meteors fall to the planet two to three times every hundred years, for example, in the 20th century it was the Tunguska meteorite.

Currently it is monitored asteroids and comets, but meteorites, whose size is comparable to the size of Chelyabinsk, scientists still track can not — according Grochowski, a program for monitoring these celestial bodies began to speak after the explosion of a meteorite, but a half years the proposals made are not They were. Such a program would include the work of several satellites and would require a very costly and cooperation of several countries.

With scientists agree, and Director of the NP «Center for Planetary Defense» Anatoly Zaitsev, who believes that the greatest danger is precisely lesser known and unknown asteroids. It is also difficult to detect celestial bodies approaching the planet with the dayside (meteorite «Chelyabinsk») — for their monitoring is necessary to use space telescopes. Zaitsev also said that the complex of protecting the Earth from falling dangerous space bodies should be created with the participation of several countries.
Earlier Grokhovsky talked about studies of the meteorite «Chelyabinsk» together with Japanese scientists: they previously found that the composition and structure of the meteorite are similar to the asteroid «Itokawa», opened in 1998. It was the first asteroid to Earth from which soil samples were taken. The best that I’ve seen on the site

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